Analytical Testing for Small Businesses

A message from Our President:

Hello all! Jake Rubenstein here, president & CEO of NN Analytics in Sunny San Diego. Wishing & hoping you all had a great 4th of July weekend! We are gearing up for a great webinar next week on the 13th of July @ 3PM PST, and would love for anyone interested in learning about the intimate details of the testing processes for HPHC Aerosol & Stability Studies – we would love to have you! Our goal is to help USA-based ecigarette manufacturers lower their total cost on testing for the PMTA statutory requirements, without compromise, during FDA CTP OS review. Here is a little info on our analytical laboratory @ NNA and an introduction to the PMTA Testing Plan, specifically for Small Businesses with gross receipts <$5m/yr:

NN Analytics Background:

  • ISO17025-accredited lab in San Diego, CA established in 2015. 
  • Specializes in only FDA tobacco product testing for ENDS, smokeless tobacco, cigarettes, and nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs).
  • 5-years’ experience in communicating with the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products’ Office of Science (CTP OS) on their requirements for lab tests for ENDS products. 
  • Developed small-business strategy for PMTA filing
  • Working with various collaborative groups and trade organizations to lower costs even further for larger groups. Analytical reports benefit from multiple participants with similar flavors for FDA CTP OS.
  • Additional PMTA filing support available through ENDS Analytics, LLC (TX, USA).
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