What we do

N.N. Analytics, Inc. was established in 2015 to support the rapidly developing vaping industry with honest and effective consulting and scientific support to our customers ’efforts in achieving national and international regulation. We currently house the single largest aggregate team of diverse curricular and extracurricular professionals in regulatory & compliance, manufacturing, software, and revere-engineering experts from the vaping industry.

Nude Nicotine Analytics is an E-liquid testing laboratory, whose parent company, Nude Nicotine, provides the highest quality products for the E-liquid industry. Our testing laboratory maintains ISO standards and is currently undergoing ISO 17025 certification. As a front-runner in E-liquid testing, Nude Nicotine Analytics ensures that our customers can meet regulatory requirements for the US (FDA PTMA), EU (TPD) and UK (MHRA), as well as any future regulations for E-liquids products, including:

Testing Packages

Nude Nicotine is now proud to offer our eLiquid Analysis services to the public! Since 2012, Gas Chromatography tandem Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) on both raw materials and finished product has been our specialty, with core competencies in other key areas such as liquid chromatography (LC/MS), as well as emissions testing. Our breadth of industry expertise and curricular qualifications has allowed us to aggregate key analytes (individual molecules of interest), limits of detection, and the ISO 17025 qualifications, to bring this testing data into the sphere of FDA regulation as of 2016.

Nude Nicotine is excited to be your partner in eLiquid testing moving forward!

Our protocols adapted for finished eLiquid Analysis are listed below with a few preselected “packages” to ease the process on those unfamiliar with the background of different analytes and testing needs!

Let one of our analytical chemists and/or regulatory consultants help you decide which testing is mandatory, recommended, or not necessary as defined by the FDA or other regulatory body. Our mission is to provide you the lowest cost, highest quality option for you! Multiple modes of analytical testing can be “combined” to reduce time, cost, and frustration – a key factor in filing your FDA PMTA in a timely manner. We are happy to work with your business’s other partners to streamline your application process with the use of our data. We are familiar in eCTD, CTP connect, and other regulated document submission tools. We are happy to help! ​

Please feel free to contact us at your leisure to explain any of out testing protocols! We’re happy to explain the process in detail, the benefits for your advertising and insurance rate decreases, and so much more.

Volume discounts for multiple sample analyses are ALWAYS available! Let us create a custom pricing package for your formulations’ requirements.

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